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Use a simple massage technique to unbind sore, dysfunctional muscles, making your body more pliable and more functional. The five basic tools used for myofascial manipulation can be found at any sporting good’s store, or easily substituted. Myofascial manipulation is the foundation for the core movements that are emphasized in Functional Patterns.


The world is designed to work directly against our bodies’ natural posture. Slumping over a desk, driving long distances, or other sedentary acts are followed by hours on the couch. This causes muscles to tighten and compress. Working to perfect good posture heals the body and the mind of these learned behaviors.


After lifetimes of poor posture, repetitive imbalanced movements, and hardwired patterns from a fitness industry designed only to make money, the body needs to be rewired. Functional Patterns uses corrective exercises with static stretching and myofascial manipulation to teach the brain and the body to understand the proper biomechanics of muscle movement.


We live in a three-dimensional world, and our workouts should reflect that. By focusing on transitional movements that master all planes of motion individually, Functional Patterns helps you push your fitness to a new level. These Multi-Plane Ballistic Movements replicate both real-life and athletic situations so your body is ready for anything.


Dynamic movement is movement that is constantly changing or progressing. A Functional Patterns work out is never going to be a boring check list of static movements; instead, you’ll be moving through powerful, explosive movements that give your body a dynamic workout. Master the foundations and then prepare to see major progress.


Gait is the most fundamental type of movement that you’ll master with Functional Patterns. This is the one type of movement that humans have been doing since our very beginning, and mastering an efficient gait allows you to seamlessly master other foundational movements. Banish pain and reestablish mechanical foundations by mastering gait.


Throwing is a primal, dynamic movement that helps to elasticize the pectoralis major, which is a key muscle for creating effective posture dynamics. Rather than focusing on sheer power building with pushups or weight lifting, throwing motions give the pectoralis major a whipping action that influences the very core of Functional Patterns.


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